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About The LIAA

In 2020, Language Immersion Advocacy Association was formed as part of a National Parent Leadership Training Institute community project by Natori Green, a parent of a language immersion program student. The creation of this association was out of a desire to form a community that is going through similar educational experiences, share our love for languages, cultures, and advocacy.

We envision LIAA serving as an advocacy support network ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion are upheld for all.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to collaboratively realize diversity, equity, and inclusion in educational environments while strengthening relationships between enrolled families, educators, elected officials, and attorneys through advocacy efforts and outings.

Our Vision

LIAA will serve as an advocacy support network for enrolled families and partner with educators, attorneys, elected officials, and corporate & community organizations to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion are upheld while providing fun language immersion outings, legal referrals, resources, and funding to families.

LIAA Highlights


October 10, 2020 Selected as part of Parent Leadership Training Institute Class of 2021 Cohort 7


April 20, 2021  Parent Leadership Training Institute Class of 2021 Cohort 7 Graduation


August 15, 2021 Launched The LIAA website and social media


September 23, 2021 Attended InspireNOLA Mother's of the Movement Educator and Community Roundtable


December 17, 2021 Meet with Department of Education Secretary Dr. Miguel Cardona

Our  Values





Natori Green is the CEO of the Language Immersion Advocacy Association. As a parent of a student in a language immersion school. Green established The LIAA to build community with other families and educators in the language immersion space. she is committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion accountability is upheld in the language immersion schools for all students and that families have a voice that is heard. 

Green is involved in community outreach and advocacy. She is an independent exhibiting artist.

View her art website:

Natori has participated in the following programs:

Fall 2020 The City of New Orleans Civic Leadership Academy 


Fall 2021 The City of New Orleans Parent Leadership Training Institute - Cohort 7 

Spring 2022 The Nancy M. Marsiglia Institute of Justice



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